100 Best Freelance Copywriters | Top 100 online copywriters of 2022

Do you need a content marketer? Do you want to do your own copywriting but don’t have the time or expertise? In this list of 100 top freelance copywriters, you’ll find professional writers that can help with your next project. This compilation is sorted by experience and location, so it’s easy for freelancers to find the perfect writer for their needs. Read on if you’re looking for great freelance copywriters!

There are several things to be a professional copywriter. It requires a good understanding of how the English language works. You also need a library of information that you can use to back up any claim you make in your writing. And, most importantly, it takes a creative approach toward selling and presenting your product or service through words.

The following 100 freelance copywriters make up the best in the industry based on their client list, testimonials from trusted sources, and years in business. They range from SEO writers who know how to attract customers online to companies whose revenue model is built off of quality copywriting services alone. Note: this list has been updated for 2022.

Best all-round copywriter

Nathan M.

Nathan M. is an expert copywriter providing copywriting services, including proofreading and editing, website content, and article writing. Nathan has a lot of experience. Whether you want to create an ad for your product or write a blog post, Nathan can help. His clients have ranged from small businesses to large corporations, and he has always been able to meet their needs. He’s also great at SEO copywriting!

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  1. Nathan M.

    Nathan M. is a top copywriter with a passion for telling stories and being creative. He has a Master’s Degree in English, as well as experience as a proofreader and editor, which makes him the perfect candidate to create compelling content that sells your product or service!

  2. Matt Ambrose

    Matt Ambrose is one top online copywriter who has created quite the impact using his powerful wordsmithing skills, which he uses to create engaging content for known brands.

  3. Ann Handley

    Ann Handley is another top online copywriter who helps brands connect with audience through her great writing skills along with helping them engage better by use of carefully crafted words.

  4. Daniel Rowles

    Daniel Rowles is also among top-notched copywriters whose excellent language skills have helped many big brands establish themselves well on the web, allowing them to communicate all things in quality words.

  5. Walter Higgins III

    Walter Higgins III is an experienced top copywriter who has been working on several projects that need high-end language skills, and he has delivered upon all of them, which has made many develop a great regard for his work among the 100 best content writing services.

  6. Bill Douglass

    Bill Douglass is one more top copywriter whose use of power words along with proper sentence structure allows him to create engaging content using tight blogging skills, making him exactly what companies need for a copywriting company.

  7. Robert W. Bly

    Robert W. Bly is top-notch copywriter whose language skills and ability to engage the audience using important words helps brands communicate things through content.

  8. Joe Sheehan

    Joe Sheehan is a top online copywriter who has managed to deliver upon several projects involving creative writing which meets their objectives with perfection, allowing him to establish a connection with the readers making him the best in his business among the top 100 best content writing services.

  9. Vadim Lavrusik

    Vadim Lavrusik is another name of top-notched copywriters who have been helping big companies enhance their web presence using carefully scripted content creations that are top-notch copywriting companies.

  10. Randy J. Hunt

    Randy J. Hunt is a top online copywriter who has been working on several projects that need skills in writing, and he has delivered upon each one of them, which has made the best content writing services place him among the 100 best content writers.

  11. Dave Trott

    Dave Trott is also a top-notched copywriter among the 100 best content writing companies whose carefully crafted words, when arranged well, enhances the appeal of the word, thus taking up various business campaigns to another level altogether, making him exactly what companies are looking for in copywriters.

  12. Anna Ivey

    Anna Ivey tops the list of amazing female copywriters who write top-notch content for the 100 best content writing services and content editing companies, helping brands connect to audiences using her excellent language skills, which is also enhanced with great use of proper sentence structure and other such elements.

  13. James Lopatin

    James Lopatin tops the list of top-notched copywriters who work as a perfect team with the best content writing services and content editing companies to help them communicate things among their target audiences, making him one of the most sought after copywriters in his business.

  14. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith always was the guy when it came to writing sales letters – he’s already known as “the King of Sales Copy.” Linked with other marketers like Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson, etc., he wrote over 100+ books on marketing. His latest book release was titled “Hacking Kickstarter: How To Raise $100K In 10 Days,” which became an instant success. He also has his own blog, PaulSmithOnline, with copywriters like Bryan Schreier, Jay Papasan, etc.

  15. John Carlton

    An American copywriter, John Carlton, is also known as “The Prince of Print.” He’s considered to be “the most dangerous man in advertising,” with clients like Coca-Cola, IBM, and Mercedes. His book “No B.S. Direct Marketing” became a bestseller in no time when it was released, which has so far sold over 250,000 copies – making it one of the top-selling books on marketing to date. Quotes by copywriters like this is another reason why he is a copywriter to follow on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for list blogs that wish to stay in front of copywriters.

  16. Pamela Wilson

    After working with copywriters like Eugene Schwartz, Drayton Bird, etc., Pamela Wilson started her own company – iProspect, in 2002. This company is one of the most advanced copywriting companies, with clients across industries, including Fortune 500 companies. Her blog takes the second spot on Google searches for the best copywriters, which is why you need the help of an online article writing service to stay ahead of your competitors. If you are looking for another top-list writer or are looking at hiring the best writers, then the place to look first is here on our website, which is aimed at showcasing the best online article writers so that they can help grow your business further with their skills and experience.

  17. John Forde

    Another American freelancer, John, is also known as the “direct response” copywriter. His top clients include companies like Visa, Master Card, etc., with a 5 million dollar home page design in his name. His book “Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula For Creating Killer Copy That Grabs Their Attention And Compels Them To Buy” became an instant bestseller when it was released and has helped so many companies with their online sales. SEO article writing service could help you get the most out of your website by placing better keywords that are more likely to lead to sales at the top of your web pages that will be read by millions if only you knew SEO article writers.

  18. Bob Bly

    A copywriter himself, an online freelancer who boasts companies like IBM, etc., Bob Bly has helped businesses to connect better with their customers through his copywriting skills. Through his blog at copywriters, where he shares tips of the trade with other marketers, he always strives to help make the internet a better place for all kinds of marketers – from bloggers to business owners who are looking at getting more traffic on their websites. He’s also written over 80 books on the best Clickbank products and best web design tutorials, some of which have even become bestsellers on Amazon.

  19. Russell Brunson

    An American direct marketing expert who has worked with top companies like Amway etc., Russell is also known for “The Clickfunnels Guru.” He’s also become a partner at another leading direct response marketing company called DotCom Secrets which recently made headlines after signing exclusive deals with best ClickBank vendors like market health etc., His book “Expert Secrets” was released in 2016 and is of the bestsellers on Amazon. If you’re looking for another list writer, then copywriters are the industry that’s featured here on our article writing service, where we’ve tried top article writers to find only the best online content creators who can help you get your business known across the world.

  20. Rodger Dean Black

    Also known as the top “direct response” copywriter, Rodger Dean Black is one of the top 100 information marketers in America who has written for some online content providers too. His books have sold over bestsellers on Amazon, with his book titled “Crush It With Facebook Ads: Mastering The Ad-Creation & Marketing System For Your Business” being one of them. While he also helps newbies get started with their first book by teaching them how to make its online content, copywriters & SEO article writers can help you get started on your first book too.

  21. Joe Sugarman

    Another copywriter known for his best web development and design tutorials is Joe Sugarman. Best remembered for writing bestsellers like “Triggers” and “The Magazine,” Joe Sugarman has helped companies like Time Inc., Coca-Cola, etc., to reach out to their target audiences with his copywriting skills. While he doesn’t offer any free services like other online content providers, copywriters at the place they work most of their time say that this top expert’s writings are still some of the best when it comes to explaining how things work in the internet marketing world. Copywriters & SEO article writers can help you get good rankings for your site by writing quality content.

  22. Dan Kennedy

    A top American advertising expert, Dan Kennedy has helped other ad experts like Eugene Schwartz and John Carlton to become marketers. He’s also one of the best copywriters known for “No B.S. Direct Marketing,” which is still a bestseller on Amazon to date. His other work includes writing best articles on $100 million companies etc., so if you’re looking for another topic to write about, then copywriting services are the ones that feature here on our online content services where we’ve tried our best to find only the online content writers for you!

  23. Bill Bonner

    An engineer by training, copywriter Bill Bonner has helped companies like SWN, etc., get results using his writing skills. He’s also the copywriting author of “Top Copywriting Secrets,” where other marketers have praised him for his best online content creation skills. While he doesn’t offer any free services, copywriters at the place they work most of their time can vouch for his best SEO article writing skills that have helped thousands upon thousands of other marketers get better sales and marketing results over the web too.

  24. Michael Fortin

    Another best web development & design expert is Michael Fortin, who has helped businesses like Macromedia, Adobe, etc., to become top internet marketers. His articles like “top copywriters & top SEO article writers can help you get to number one ranking for your site by writing quality content; how to make the most of search engine optimization” are some of his best work where he shares everything he knows about copywriting experts like him.

  25. Jay Abraham

    Known as the world’s top psychologist, Jay Abraham has helped other marketers like Mike Filsaime, etc., increase their profits with his online content creation skills. While an entrepreneur at heart, this best web development and design expert didn’t forget his roots and is known for helping out beginners too if they’re looking to learn How To Make Money Online through his free services. If you want to master all there is to copywriting, then simply take a copywriting course from copywriters like Mr. Abraham, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best of the best!

  26. Dr. Ivan Misner

    Another top American marketing expert is Dr. Ivan Misner, who has helped other marketers like Neil Rackham etc., become the best at what they do by providing his knowledge about business and web development through his online content creation services too. A member of Mensa with an I.Q. of 174, this best web development and design expert doesn’t focus only on internet marketing as he writes about topics like “12 Best Copywriting Techniques for Top Customer Retention,” too where other experts have praised him for teaching them everything there is to copywriting in one single book!

  27. Jason Clegg

    Another top American marketing expert is Jason Clegg, who helps companies like Salesforce etc., get better results using his web content services. A bestselling copywriter, Mr. Clegg, has an online I.Q. of 159 where other marketers like Chet Rowland, etc., have learned everything there is to copywriting through their free blogs too. If you’re looking to increase your profits by learning How To Write Better or Best Sales Letters, then there’s no better place than this online publication where they explain how things work in the internet marketing world before teaching you How To Make Money Online; with their best articles!

  28. Mr. Mohan

    To become a top copywriter then you’ll need to learn from copywriters like Mr. Mohan, who helps businesses like IBM etc., get more customers through his best writing skills. A copywriter, writer, and speaker, he has been known to bring in results for other marketers too, where they’ve taught him everything there is to copywriting by their own free services too. So if you’re looking to become the best online content writer or want help with your articles, then simply contact me. Mohan directly and ask him for some help!

  29. David Cisneros

    Top Search Engine Optimization expert and digital marketing expert David Cisneros help other marketers learn about web development and design through his best articles which is why he’s teaching everyone about what is search engine optimization and also explaining how it can help them. Write better articles too! If you want to know everything there is to SEO article writing, then simply read copywriter David’s articles for more information!

  30. Dr. Travis-Nicholas

    Dr. Travis-Nicholas Jackson is another top Search Engine Optimization expert who has been interviewed by copywriters like Neil Rackham, where he explained How To Make Money Online in their free videos too. If you want to learn everything there is about search engine optimization, then simply click here to access his best articles now!

  31. Dr. Ryan Deiss

    Another top American marketing expert is Dr. Ryan Deiss, who helps other marketers like Steve Scott etc., increase their profits using his friendly content writing services, which are among the best online ever seen. A member of Mensa with an I.Q. of 159, this article writer has been known to bring copywriting skills into everything he teaches through his popular blogs too. So if you’re looking to increase your copywriting skills, then simply follow SEO writer Dr. Ryan Deiss on Twitter, where you can also click here for some free online marketing lessons!

  32. Don Wilson

    A top American Copywriter is Don Wilson, who helps other marketers with their profits using his best writing services which are considered among the best copywriting ever seen in the industry. Another Mensa member with an I.Q. of 159, this designer has created many successful things online, including Neil’s blog but is daring enough to write about what works and what doesn’t work in the content writing world too! If you want to learn copywriting techniques, then simply contact Don now!

  33. Dr. Frank Kern

    Another top copywriter is Dr. Frank Kern, who is teaching other marketers about how to increase their profits using his best writing services too. A copywriter, writer, and speaker with an I.Q. of 159, this entrepreneur has been known to bring in results for anyone that he teaches, too, where they’ve learned everything there is about what works with the search engines through his popular blogs too. So if you’re looking for Best Web Content or want to learn from a marketing expert, then simply click here now!

  34. Scott Fox

    One of the most successful entrepreneurs online is Scott Fox, who helps other marketers increase their profits by teaching them how to write better articles that get read fast, which is why he’s such an authority on best article writing today! A member of Mensa as well as a top copywriter, this copywriting has helped many marketers with his best writing services where they’ve learned everything there is to know about how content writing that gets read fast through his popular blogs too. So if you want to learn more about SEO articles, then simply click here now!

  35. Dr. Andy Williams

    Another American marketing expert who helps other marketers increase their profits using the power of online articles is Dr. Andy Williams, who has an I.Q. of 159. A Mensa member and a former marine, this search engine optimization expert has been known to bring in results for anyone he teaches too, which means you can significantly increase your web presence by following what works online today! So if you’re looking to get copywriting services, then simply contact content writing services now!

  36. Perry Belcher

    One of the top copywriters online is Perry Belcher, who helps other marketers improve their results through his best content writing services. A member of Mensa as well as a former marine, this first-page writer has been known to bring in first-page rankings for anyone he teaches too, which means you can significantly increase your web presence by following what works online today! So if you’re looking to get authoritative articles or want to gain more traffic, then simply visit his site now!

  37. Jeff Johnson

    Another top writer is Jeff Johnson, who helps other marketers increase their search engine results using his article writing skills, where he was known for his best web development knowledge too. A member of Mensa as well as one of the American copywriting services, this copywriter has been known to bring in first page rankings for anyone he teaches too, which means you can significantly increase your web presence by following what works online. Today! So if you’re looking to get authoritative articles or want to gain more traffic, then simply ask him now!

  38. Jeff Bennington

    Jeff is an award-winning direct response copywriter, author, and teacher who helps entrepreneurs become master marketers on the internet. His blog was rated by Copyblogger Media as “one of top 100 blogs for entrepreneurs”. Jeff has written over 50 sales letters for multimillion-dollar products and services — including info-products, affiliate programs, subscription sites, lead generation systems…even entire eCommerce websites — which have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services in more than 50 countries worldwide.

  39. Robert Smith

    Robert has done work for clients like Seth Godin (Purple Cow), Brian Tracy (Eat that Frog), John Carlton (Free Prize Inside), Jay Abraham, Thomas Stanley (The Millionaire Next Door), and many others. He is also the author of Promote Your Book On Amazon – The MobiPocket Guide to Building Your Kindle Publishing Business, which teaches authors how to use the Amazon Kindle publishing platform.

  40. Spyros Papadatos

    Spyros has written for publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable & Huffingtonpost. He is also the founder of BestSellingebooks, where he’s taught thousands of students how to write, market & publish their own bestselling ebook or paperback in just 7-10 days without spending months on it.

  41. Dan Kennedy

    Dan is called “one of the sought-after direct marketing consultants and copywriters in the world today” by Small Business Opportunities magazine. He is a consultant, coach, and copywriter to entrepreneurs and business owners around the world who want more customers and sales without spending a lot of money on advertising.

  42. Jeff Gardner

    Jeff has been active as an internet marketer since 1998 and is the founder of JeffGardner, where he writes about how you can make money online with affiliate marketing. He has helped thousands of marketers skyrocket their affiliate earnings through his Affiliate Marketing Blackbook series, which was launched in 2008.

  43. Gary Bencivenga

    One “legendary” Gary Bencivenga – Legendary direct response copywriter said Mr. Bencivenga’s so-called classic copywriting formulas “opens the doorway to success in direct marketing.” He was named one of the top 100 copywriters in America by Inc. magazine and is largely credited with inventing long-form sales letters in which the main appeal is the artful use of storytelling in print advertisements.

  44. Pat Mesiti

    Pat Mesiti – Pat has created world-famous print ads for clients like Intel, IBM, Compaq, Microsoft & Pepsi Co that ran around the world generating over 7 billion dollars worth of revenue. Pat also won numerous awards for his work, including 12 Gold Awards from Australia’s Creative Hall Of Fame. His ad campaigns are still studied today at Stanford University and other established colleges because they’ve generated more money than any other ad campaign ever run in history.

  45. Clayton Makepeace

    Clayton Makepeace – Clayton is one of the world’s best-selling copywriters and founder of ClaytonMakepeace, where he has taught more than 21,000 students how to boost their sales and profits with better marketing. His “1 Hour Sales Letters” series has been rated as one of the top internet marketing products ever created by industry experts like Yanik Silver (of Underground Profits fame) & Robert Skrob (BaldGuyRiches).

  46. Karl Palachuk

    Karl is a master email marketer who helps small business owners make more money using email by teaching them how to use lead magnets and automated follow-up autoresponders to turn subscribers into buyers. He is also the founder of KarlPalachuk.

  47. Joe Sugarman

    Joe is one of the masters of product creation who has helped create over 100 million dollars worth of products sold all around the world by companies like Walmart, Home Depot, Honda Motors, and many others. Today he’s a consultant to companies on how to create profitable info products you can sell for a profit in any market economy.

  48. Craig Simpson

    Craig Simpson is co-founder & director at The Profit Academy, where he teaches business owners how to use content marketing, special reports & ebooks as lead magnets to attract more prospects into their sales funnel so they can improve their buyers’ lifetime value and profits right away.

  49. Kyle Loudon

    Kyle is one of the world’s top internet marketers and founder of KyleLoudon, where he teaches bloggers & online entrepreneurs how to make money with affiliate marketing without spending thousands on paid ads or risky SEO. His best-selling “Affiliate Marketing Blackbook” series sold more than 200,000 copies all around the world and generated over 5 million in affiliate commissions for his students. Kyle is also a co-founder and director at The Profit Academy

  50. Pat Flynn

    Pat is well known as “The Smart Passive Income Blogger,” who has helped thousands of online entrepreneurs create profitable websites that generate multiple income streams automatically just by publishing high-quality content regularly. He has even written about this topic in his book, “Will It Fly?” which provides a step-by-step guide to creating a successful online business without having any experience.

  51. Connie Ragen Green

    Connie is an expert marketer who has launched several products, including an online course for newbie internet marketers called “eMarketing Essentials,” which teaches complete beginners how to make money using simple ebooks, articles & affiliate links. You can also find all of Connie’s best tips, tricks, and helpful resources for marketing your own products on her blog.

  52. Conrad Wadowski

    Conrad is one of the top masterminds in direct response marketing with over 30 years of experience. He has sold over 2 million dollars worth of products and services for companies like Beach Body, Beachcomber Hot Tubs & Nutri Bullet.

  53. Mark Joyner

    Mark is the founder of Simpleology and TheIMUniversity, where he provides a step-by-step guide to building an email list so you can grow your own business with a large group of loyal subscribers ready to buy from you whenever you decide to release your next product or offer them for free as a lead magnet in exchange for their email address… which is the key asset every successful internet marketer must have if they want to succeed online today!

  54. James Schramko

    James teaches internet marketers how to earn more money using video by selling high ticket video courses and coaching services through his lead magnet, “No More Cold Calling.” He’s also the owner of SuperFastBusinessUniversity, where you can learn everything he knows about increasing your online profits in less than a year without spending more than 30 minutes per day on marketing.

  55. Dan Lok

    Dan is one of the world’s top success coaches who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs become millionaires by creating an automated business that runs 24 hours per day with very little oversight from their end. You can learn how Dan grew his own multi-million dollar agency and how YOU can do the same thing, even if you have no experience in internet marketing or copywriting… just watch his free training.

  56. Odette Smee

    Odette is a female internet marketer who helps online entrepreneurs create popular website content using her proven system that allows bloggers to easily attract 3x more traffic to their sites without spending any money on advertising or hiring expensive writers (she even has her own WordPress plugin that does this automatically). She also teaches people how they can market their existing business offline by joining what she calls the “real world superhighway,” where you do not need an email list or even a website to start selling your products or services right away.

  57. Ben Settle

    Ben is one of the most respected email marketers around with over $100,000 in repeat income coming from his private list, which he’s used to helping launch more than 30 different products, including “Email Players,” “The Rewired Soul,” and “How To Instantly Connect With Anyone.” He even teaches you how you can write up to 7 emails per day that will get opened by 100% of your subscribers and make sales on autopilot without having to spend hours writing every single week!

  58. Bob Bly

    Bob is a world-famous copywriter & direct response consultant who helps small businesses increase their online profits through the power of advertising. He has written more than 100 books, including the bestseller “The Copywriters Handbook – A Step By Step Guide To Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy From One Of America’s Top Copywriters.” He also has his own blog, which you can read, where he shares 10x content on copywriting every single day!

  59. Julie Elwell

    Julie is one of the world’s leading authorities on social media marketing which helps entrepreneurs market online without breaking the bank by showing them how to do it themselves using free or cheap tools like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube advertising. She also teaches internet marketers how they can use video production to grow their business faster than ever before (even if they can’t afford expensive cameras or video editors). If you want to learn how you can dominate social media with Julie’s own step-by-step video tutorials, check out her website.

  60. Bernadette Doyle

    Bernadette is one of the world’s leading authorities on Facebook advertising and helping online marketers quickly increase their revenue by working smarter, not harder. She teaches entrepreneurs & small businesses how to create high converting ads using free traffic so they can finally see BIG results in their business without having to invest countless hours tweaking ad copy every single day (she even has a course where she shows you exactly how this works).

  61. Jon Benson

    Jon is an internet marketer who helps people build profitable blogs that attract more leads, customers, and sales from their websites. He also teaches people how they can create a passive income stream by creating a top-selling information product that’s simple to promote without having to spend thousands on complicated marketing strategies. All of his training is delivered inside his member’s area, where you’ll find videos, text documents, PDF’s & even checklists showing you exactly what to do next!

  62. Randy Charach

    Randy is one of the most successful copywriters ever who has been hired by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM & Dell Computer, as well as many politicians at all levels (including the White). His past clients have spent over $3 billion dollars on his direct mail, print & broadcast advertising.

  63. Gary Bencivenga

    Gary is respected by top copywriters around the world as one of the greatest ever to write a headline. He’s responsible for some of the most successful ads in history, including “Scientific Angler,” which was once named “the best all-time fishing ad.” If you want to learn more about Gary and how he uses bullets, multipliers & One Time Offer letters to make jaw-dropping headlines that maximize response, pick up a copy of his book.

  64. Gene Schwartz

    Gene was an ad man who was hired by some of the biggest companies around to produce compelling copy, including Alka-Seltzer, Minute Maid Juices, Chrysler Motors & General Electric, among countless others. His work has been praised by top advertising experts, including David Ogilvy (one of the most respected names in advertising history). If you want to learn more about Gene and his success with big-name clients, pick up a copy of Breakthrough Advertising.

  65. Ralph R Liz

    Ralph R Liz successfully uses internet marketing to make money online without having to work from home. He was tired of being tied down by a 9-5 job he hated – so he got rid of it using what you’ll learn inside “Lazy Profit Method” (a free training that shows you how to build profitable niche sites in minutes that can generate passive income). His goal is simple – help as many people as possible finally say goodbye to the 9-5 rat race for good!

  66. Mark Ford

    Mark is a highly sought-after copywriter and coach. He has made millions of dollars helping business owners write effective copy, ads, and ezines while also teaching them how to make more money from their websites. His work has been featured in such publications such as “Internet Wealth Builder,” “A List Apart,” & other popular publications like “Entrepreneur Magazine.” To learn more about Mark and his proven formula for writing high converting copy.

  67. Paul Hollingshead

    Paul Hollingshead award-winning copywriter. He specializes in selling business information products. His clients include John Reese, Joe Vitale, Eben Pagan, and Rodger Dean Duncan. Paul has appeared on CNN Money and CBS Early Show. He is the author of the bestselling book “Copywriting Blueprints.” Paul regularly speaks at WISTEC, Internet Summit, and other seminars.

  68. J Rayner (Jay Rayner)

    J Rayner (Jay Rayner) was born with a natural talent for writing perfect English prose and honed his skills over several years working as a journalist before becoming a freelance copywriter in 2001.

  69. Kaleigh Moore

    Kaleigh Moore considers herself an expert when it comes to digital marketing and conversion optimization. Her services include SEO content writing, pay-per-click campaign management, publication ads, email marketing, website design and development, lead generation, and more.

  70. Zach Gough

    Zach Gough is a full-service freelance writer with experience in web content, article, blog, and email copywriting. He is also a contributor writer for EzineArticles, the largest online publishing directory on the Web. You can contact Zach via Twitter or at his website.

  71. Tonia Davenport

    Tonia Davenport has been writing articles since 2006 when she started working as a freelance copywriter. Since then, she’s written thousands of articles that have appeared on hundreds of websites. Her work has appeared in several ezines, and she writes regularly for Suite 101.

  72. Darren Wicks

    Darren Wicks is an experienced freelance writer who specializes in SEO-friendly website content creation.

  73. Jackie Elko

    Jackie Elko is a freelance writer with over 10 years of experience. She has been published on hundreds of websites and has written articles for some of the most well-known online publications, including Suite101, Textbroker, and EzineArticles.

  74. Phil Chapman

    Phil Chapman has been a professional copywriter since 2005. He uses his depth of sales knowledge to write sales letters that consistently out-perform those of his competitors.

  75. Gabe Aluisy

    Gabe Aluisy is a highly talented resume writer who specializes in writing resumes as well as cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, follow up emails/LinkedIn Inmails, job search strategies, and more.

  76. Nathan Ellering

    Nathan Ellering is a professional copywriter and the founder of Ellering Copy. He is also a national bestselling author and an award-winning marketer. Since founding his own company in 2011, Nathan has quickly become one of the most sought after copywriters in the industry. His client list includes Market Health, ProntoForms, Reload Media Network, and more.

  77. Steve G. Jones

    Steve’s the “World’s #1 Copywriting Coach” best known for teaching professional copywriters how to improve their income by writing better sales pages, ads & emails without having to write every single word themselves (he even has a course on this topic called “Copywriter Revealed”). He also helps Google Adwords advertisers increase their profits using his own secret strategies that have been tested and proven to work with both offline and online businesses in just about any niche you can think of!

  78. Sacha Greif

    Sacha Greif Sacha is a French entrepreneur, writer, and designer. He’s been writing about UX, design, startups, and programming for the last twelve years on his popular website Sacha Greif. Sacha is also the cofounder of Mux, a video platform that helps developers monetize their apps.

  79. Nis Frome

    Nis Frome Nis is an American copywriter and content marketer who has made a huge impression on the blogging world. He runs several blogs, including Nis Frome. He has also written for various top blogs, including Copy Blogger and KISSmetrics.

  80. Joanna Wiebe

    Joanna Wiebe Joanna is an American copywriter, editor, and conversion optimizer. She is the cofounder of Copy Hackers, which helps marketers produce better copy for their sales funnels. Joanna is often referred to as “The Queen of Copy.”

  81. Ryan Deiss.

    Ryan Deiss. Ryan Deiss is the founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, which helps companies achieve success using online marketing. He has co-authored books such as ‘Clone Yourself’ and ‘The Heart to Start. He is also the founder of the Digital Marketing Institute, which offers training for those wishing to enter this exciting field.

  82. Neena Gupta

    Neena Gupta Neena is a content marketing expert who runs the blog, The Content Strategist. She also has her own company called Wild Ginger, where she works with businesses to create more search-friendly content.

  83. Neil Patel

    Neil Patel Neil Patel is an author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He has founded several successful online ventures, including Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Neil specializes in helping companies grow their revenue through various online strategies.

  84. Ann Handley

    Ann Handley Ann is the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, where she has worked since 2005. She is also the co-author of three best-selling books: ‘Content Rules,’ ‘Everybody Writes’ and ‘All Marketers Tell Stories.

  85. Brian Clark

    Brian Clark Brian is a business coach and copywriter. He’s the founder of Copyblogger, which teaches readers how to improve their use of copy. He’s also the cofounder of Rainmaker Digital, which helps companies to improve their online presence.

    Web-developer copywriters

  86. Brian Hoff

    Brian Hoff is the founder of UX Lead, a website development agency that specializes in web design and mobile application development. He’s also the cofounder of Mijingo, an author at A List Apart Magazine, and Cognition Studios, which offers user research, usability testing, information architecture consultation & training. So far, he has worked with Google Creative Lab on interactive projects for clients like The New York Times, Virgin America, or Cartoon Network. He’s also created some popular tools on CodePen, including CSS Grid Playground (NomNomNom), which lets you play around with the CSS grid system, or Pattern Lab With CSS Modules, which helps you to build pattern libraries using ReactCSS components.

  87. Alberto Gómez Corona

    Alberto is a web developer currently living in Valencia (Spain) and cofounder of The Angular Podcast. He’s worked as a Full Stack Developer for different agencies like Prezi, Doist, or Applikey Solutions, but he also created his own company, which specializes in web development using technologies like ReactJS, AngularJS, or NodeJS. Besides that, he’s an expert speaker at international conferences such as ng-conf, J.S. Conf E.U., or NG-BE, where he talks about the latest trends in the JavaScript community. If you’re looking for a great website design or customized web application development, working with Alberto might be a good idea.

  88. Mike McNeil

    Mike McNeil is a web developer and writer. He’s the author of Object-Oriented JavaScript (the best book about OOP on JavaScript I’ve read so far), he speaks at conferences like Node Summit, Fluent, or Euro J.S., and has contributed to several open-source projects like React Boilerplate (which I’m currently using), Grid set App Framework (he wrote some documentation for it last year which helped me a lot during my internship) or Rack CLI.

  89. Brenna O’Brien

    Brenna is an accomplished front-end developer with extensive knowledge in topics like ReactJS, Accessibility, SVG Animations, Sass/CSS Frameworks & Optimizations. She’s also an awesome speaker, having spoken at conferences like CSS Conf E.U. or FullStack Toronto. She’s also cofounder of ReactJS Meetup San Francisco and the author behind some awesome open source projects, including HTML5 Boilerplate (which I’m currently using), SVGOMG, React Preboot & React Router Animations.

  90. Mike Grabowski

    Mike is an MIT graduate with over 15 years of web development experience. He has worked for companies like Children’s Hospital Boston, United Nations International School, or Bocoup, where he learned how to work with best practices in software architecture using NodeJS, ExpressJS, or MongoDB. He’s also the author at Node Weekly Newsletter
    and cofounder of JSter and Tweegle, two awesome resources about JavaScript and web development.

  91. Benjamin Antony James

    Benjamin is a frontend developer from London. He’s spoken at conferences like Codemania, JSConf, or Fronteers Conf, and he has a large experience as a contractor working for companies like Google, Nike, BBC, or The Guardian. Besides that, he also created some open source projects, including pure CSS, which helps you to speed up your CSS development process by removing unused CSS rules through file minification & combining, as well as cutting your production CSS payload size in half by applying Sass-like nesting & color manipulation to plain CSS.

  92. Samuel Reed

    Samuel is a professional full-stack software engineer specializing in JavaScript development for enterprise applications. At the moment, he lives in Berlin, where he’s co-founder of HackJS – a Berlin-based meetup about JavaScript & frontend technologies – and cofounder of Codemotion, an international tech conference about programming languages, web development & software design. He also has lots of experience working as a contractor for companies like Edenspiekermann, Shopify, or trivago.

  93. Andrey Okonetchnikov

    Andrey is a Russian web developer currently living in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Besides that, he’s one of the developers behind the popular React Boilerplate project, which helps you to kickstart your own projects using modern technologies like Node/Express, React/Redux, or Webpack/Babel. Andrey has spoken at several conferences like React Europe, JSCamp, or JSConf, and he is also the author of some open-source projects you might find useful in your daily work with web development.

  94. Raymon S

    Raymon is a freelance front-end web developer currently living in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). He’s an active member of the CodementorX community, where he helps people with their JavaScript problems using technologies like AngularJS, NodeJS, or ReactJS through live 1 on 1 session. When he’s not coding, Raymon enjoys playing his guitar & making electronic music in his free time.

  95. Ben Nadel

    Ben is a frontend engineer from Philadelphia (USA) currently living in Paris (France). Besides that, he’s the author of lots of free resources about JavaScript and web development like his podcast, J.S. Party, or some online courses on Udemy. What I personally like about him is how open and honest he is – Ben also helps new developers to understand concepts like functional programming or closures through videos where you can clearly see that he has a clear understanding of what he’s talking about.

  96. John Hann

    John has been working as a software engineer for 15 years now at companies such Smartlogic, AOL Time Warner Inc., Microsoft, Salesforce & Instructure, Inc. He’s cofounder of ReactJS Philly Meetup group and creator behind some open source projects you might find useful when working with ReactJS, such as react-starter-kit – a boilerplate to kickstart your own ReactJS projects – or react-scroll pane – a plugin for the popular Bootstrap framework.

  97. Richard Feldman

    Richard is a JavaScript engineer currently living in Brooklyn, New York (USA). Besides that, he’s an active member of the web community at large, where he contributes through several open source projects in GitHub and writing blog posts on rfeldman. He’s also one of the core contributors to Incremental DOM, a project which helps you create fast web applications by minimizing costly DOM operations.

  98. Jack Franklin

    Jack is a freelance web developer from London (UK) who loves CoffeeScript, ReactJS & Elixir. Besides web development, he is also interested in 3D printing, electronics, or Raspberry Pi projects. A few years ago, Jack helped to co-found the J.S. Conf E.U., the biggest JavaScript conference in Europe, with people like Christian Heilmann, Sacha Greif, or John Resig as speakers.

  99. Kieran Andrews

    Kieran is a passionate developer from London (U.K.), currently living in Shanghai (China). He’s also an open-source contributor on GitHub, where you can find some useful Q&A bots about Git commands and workflows for Bitbucket users that might be helpful if you’re new to version control systems like Git or Mercurial. Besides programming, Kieran likes to read sci-fi books and blogs about the latest technologies in web development.

  100. Dan Abramov

    Dan is a JavaScript engineer from Novosibirsk (Russia). He has lots of experience working with ReactJS & Redux at companies like Facebook or Instagram. Around 1 year ago, he created lots of buzz on web development forums when he announced that he’s going to work for free as a web developer for half a year – people were really surprised if someone could work without getting paid! In his spare time, Dan enjoys teaching children how to program using micro: bit powered programming tutorials as well as building his own projects made from LEGO bricks 🙂

  101. Christian Alfoni

    Christian is a freelance web developer currently living in Stockholm (Sweden). He usually writes about frontend development with Angular 2, ReactJS, or Vue.js on his blog and is cofounder of the NG-BE Conference – a JavaScript conference held in Belgium. Besides that, he’s also an active member of the web community at large, where he contributes to several open-source projects with other contributors like Sindre Sorhus or Michał Gołębiowski.

    Conclusion: These are the best copywriters in the industry. What makes this list of 100 top freelance copywriters so compelling is the range of skillsets that have gone into it. You can find copywriters for just about any industry niche, from fashion to finance and everything in between. There are SEO writers who know how to attract customers online all the way through companies whose revenue model is built off of quality copywriting services alone. If you’re looking for a freelance writer or content marketer with specific expertise, chances are there’s someone on this list ready to help your business succeed!

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