Top 50 Copywriters In America Who You Can Use Too

The Top 50 Copywriters in America are all listed right here. You can find the perfect copywriter for your next project to help you craft a winning message that will resonate with your audience. From writing blog posts, website content, proofreading and editing to product descriptions or creating catchy lines, this list of top copywriters has got you covered!

If you are looking for a copywriter to help with your blog writing, website content, or even just proofreading and editing, here is the list of the top 50 copywriters in America.

Copywriting is a profession that has been around for decades. In order to be successful in the copywriting industry, you need more than just good writing skills. You also need to know what your potential customers want and how to reach them with your message. That’s where this blog post comes in! Here are 50 of the top copywriters in America who can help you make a sale today!

Best Overall Rated Copywriter

Nathan M. – Nathan M is the in-house writer of WriteForCopy copywriting services, tending to for professional businesses. He has 10 years of experience working with top fortune 500 companies. He has turned around many failing businesses into thriving, profitable ones. With 24 hours or less turnaround time, Nathan will provide you with expertly written copy that is guaranteed to get results! Get blog posts, website content, proofreading and editing done from the best in the business.

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Top 50 Copywriters In America: 1-50

  1. Nathan M. – In-house writer Nathan M. is a copywriter for WriteForCopy. He has been in the industry for over 10 years. He’s got experience working with some of the top Fortune 500 companies and can turn around projects within 24 hours or less. His speciality is writing SEO-optimized content that gets your company noticed by Google and other search engines!

  2. Michael Masterson – The current President and CEO of Agora Inc., an international publisher of business and financial newsletters and books with more than $500 million in annual sales. He has founded several successful businesses and is co-founder of Yoyodyne and Agora. His Copywriting Success System teaches sales and marketing professionals how to write winning copy for all media: catalogues, brochures, Web sites, e-mail promotions, direct mail pieces and more.

  3. Joe Vitale – Joe Vitale began studying marketing as a penniless poker player living in a trailer park. He now owns three homes, including one with an indoor pool overlooking the beautiful Biscayne Bay in Miami! His first business was selling books on how to make money playing Texas hold ’em poker… which he did quite successfully until online poker was outlawed. He then wrote books about marketing, publishing several bestsellers under various pen names. His most popular book is “Hypnotic Selling.”

  4. David Deutsch – A writer for over 30 years in any medium, including direct mail, print advertising, TV and radio commercials, print and Web site copy, Web site content and more. His clients include IBM, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Ziff Davis Publishing Co., FTD Florist (the world’s largest provider of florists’ flowers), US Postal Service and dozens of others. Currently, he serves as dean of the School of Professional Copywriting, where he trains aspiring copywriters in the art of writing copy that sells.

  5. John Forde – A writer, consultant and marketer since 1980 for clients in many different industries. While his speciality is marketing via direct mail, he also knows how to write for websites, catalogues, brochures, trade publications… You name it! He has written so many words during his career that he’s lost, count.

  6. Herschell Gordon Lewis Perhaps the world’s most famous copywriter who never wrote a word :). Herschell is an author and “word artist” whose love affair with the printed page began when he was a boy in Dayton, Ohio. Herschell is the author or co-author of 15 books, including “Writing To Win,” “Interviews With Top Copywriters”, and his autobiography, “A Plague Of Prattle.” He also edits an online “Word Weavers Guild” membership site where he teaches aspiring authors how to write better copy.

  7. Craig Simpson – A veteran writer for more than 20 years who specializes in helping others master the art of commercial writing for advertising their products and services about anything but himself. Craig has written thousands of promotional letters, brochures, Web sites, sales letters… you name it!

  8. Gary Bencivenga – The undisputed king of long-copy sales letters and one of the most prolific copywriters in America. Gary’s worked with dozens of direct response companies, including Boardroom, New Dynamics, Xtant Medical Systems, eDirect Marketing Group… you name it! He is the author of Supercharged Direct Mail And Database Marketing, a book that teaches professionals how to write powerful marketing communications based on his own experience working with more than 200 clients.

  9. Gary King – An English graduate from the University of Illinois who launched his career writing for national publications like “Saturday Review,” “Ladies’ Home Journal”, and “Woman’s.” After founding his own successful direct marketing agency, he became a top-selling copywriter (and wrote his own best-seller on direct marketing).

  10. Robert W. Bly – A veteran writer and marketer with decades of experience writing copy for everything from product launches to credit card ads… even TV commercials! His clients include some of the most successful mail-order and infomercial marketers around Guthy Renker, Equinox, Rexall Sundown, Ajinomoto and others. Bob is also the author of more than 46 books, including “The Copywriter’s Handbook ,” “The Elements Of Technical Writing,” “How To Promote Your Own Business”, and “100 Ways To Boost Your Creative Power.” What’s next?

  11. Bob Bly – The undisputed king of writing ads, brochures, catalogues and anything else you might print to sell your products or services. Bob’s written copy–and done the marketing–for over 1,000 clients including AT&T, IBM, American Express… everybody but Mother Theresa! He is the author of “The Copywriter’s Handbook ,” which has sold more than 200,000 copies since its publication in 1991. Next up for him are two new books: “How To Promote Your Business With Direct Mail” and his fourth book on copywriting, “Secrets Of Successful Direct Mail.”

  12. Michael Masterson – The author or co-author of nine books, including two best-sellers: “Automatic Wealth For Grads” and “No Money Down,” Michael has been a creative writing instructor at Yale University, a creative director for EXL Service/RBMG, the creative director for Agora Publishing and an in-house copywriter for ETRADE Online. Other clients include Joseph Hirsch UltraSource, Perry Belcher’s Digital Marketer and Mass Affluence Institute, where he teaches entrepreneurs how to start high-profit internet businesses via online marketing.

  13. Jefe Ricci – A veteran direct response copywriter who specializes in marketing business opportunities to Hispanic communities. His clients include Market America, RX2000, Nu Skin Enterprises, Agel Enterprises and others. Jefe is also the author of “Código Del Consumidor” (the consumer code), a book for marketing to Hispanic customers in America that mixes language and sales-copywriting tips.

  14. Greg Renker – co-founder of Guthy|Renker (the world’s largest infomercial company), Greg is a master at writing sales letters that make you laugh or cry–and always sell. His recent work includes spots starring Tony Robbins, Muhammad Ali, Cindy Crawford, Joe Montana and Wayne Gretzky. He is also a talented marketer who has created some of the most successful infomercials of all time.

  15. Richard Armstrong – Richard is a “man’s man” who specializes in writing copy for products and marketing programs that appeal to men. His clients include Guthy Renker, TLC Laser Eye Centers, Jafrum International and Vitamin Express, as well as several other multi-million dollar direct response marketers. Richard is also the author of El Ojo Clínico: Spanish for Optometrists, an eye chart used by optometrists worldwide.

  16. Jeff Paul – An award-winning ad writer and regular columnist for the Write Stuff,” a newsletter for direct response copywriters, Jeff has written more than 20 books, including “Greed,” “Backstage Passes to the Fun and Magic of Business”, and his newest work, “The MEGA Book of Persuasion.” He’s also taught marketing at the University of California in San Diego.

  17. Dan Kennedy – If you’re into sales, then you’ve heard of Dan Kennedy–the world’s #1 sales writer! A multi-millionaire marketer who started out as a poverty-stricken musician, he now helps entrepreneurs write winning promotions for their products and services.

  18. Brian Kurtz – The president of Boardroom Publishing, Brian is also the co-author (with Dan Kennedy) of several best-selling books, including “No B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses,” “The Consultant’s Copy”, and his latest work, “More Sales Letters.” He’s also taught marketing at Harvard University.

  19. Andy Maslen – A former journalist, TV producer and marketing consultant specializing in direct response copywriting–he was among London’s top copywriters before moving to America where he helped launch Agora Publishing which became one of America’s top publishers of financial information. His clients include Anthony Robbins, Marcia Williams Seminars and seminars, Global Information Network and Empowerment Technologies.

  20. Ray Edwards – Ray is a master at writing share-with-a-friend “mailers” for service businesses and marketers who sell by direct mail. His work has been used to make cold lists hot, get orders from deadbeat prospects and build million-dollar catalogues for some of the most successful entrepreneurs on earth.

  21. Ruth Carter – A veteran direct marketer with more than 20 years experience as a copywriter, her clients include Guthy|Renker, Bill Bonner’s Agora Publishing, Home Business Opportunity Magazine and many others. Some former clients: guru Doug Hall; David Garfinkel; Anthony G. Evans; Jeff Paul; Dana Telford, etc.

  22. Michael Aronstein – A crowded room of copywriters is standing in line for his autograph because he’s one of the best marketers on the planet when it comes to creating “control packages” that legally hijack entire markets. His latest work includes tapes and books with legend George Kosch and promises to supercharge your marketing efforts by turning every marketing message into a mini-sales letter.

  23. Joel Raphaelson – A former journalist, Joel joined top ad agency Leo Burnett in Chicago, where he wrote ads that helped launch McDonald’s into one of the world’s biggest companies. Now a freelancer, many of Australia’s best marketers hire him to write their direct response campaigns because he writes so well about improving business results through effective marketing.

  24. David Frey – We continue on our list with David Frey, a New York City-based direct response copywriter who has been in the industry since 1978! His notable works include campaigns for Reebok International Ltd., Timex Corporation, US Army Reserve and more! In his free time, he sits down every Monday to write a blog post over at his website covering everything from writing advice to the latest in politics.

  25. Jay Abraham – We now come to our number three spot, Jay Abraham! With over 40 years of experience in the industry and has worked with some notable clients such as General Motors and AT&T, he is definitely an authority when it comes to the subject of growing one’s business. Every week you can find a blog post from him on his website free of charge!

  26. Amil Gargano – Our fourth entry on the list is Amil Gargano, author of ” The Secrets Of Power Copywriting “. He currently works for Steve Harrison’s company Secretsofsuccess and is a member of the advisory board for his own website. Every Monday, you can find a new blog post from him written in both English and Spanish that goes over everything from copywriting to networking.

  27. Joe Sugarman – We now come to our number five spot, Joe Sugarman! Having been in the industry since 1969, we think he has earned his stripes when it comes to this subject! His notable works include campaigns for major brands such as Blue Nile Inc., BluBlocker Sunglasses Inc., Dristan Co., and many more. You can catch a new blog post from him every Thursday on his site.

  28. Roy H. Williams – Our number six entry is Roy H. Williams! He has been in the copywriting industry since 1968 and currently owns his own company called Wizard Academy. Over the years, he has worked on campaigns for companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Merck and Co., and US Army Reserve, just to name a few! Every Monday, you can find a new blog post from him published over at his website.

  29. Dick Benson – We now come to our number seven entry, Dick Benson! He is a graduate of Loyola University and has been in the industry since 1953. During his time, he has written over 475 direct marketing campaigns for companies such as AARP, AT&T Wireless, and Kimberly-Clark Corp. Every Sunday at 8:00 AM, you can catch a new blog post from him on his site.

  30. Dan Kennedy – Our number eight spot goes to Dan Kennedy! He is a New York Times best-selling author and has been running his own business since 1984. You can find more information on him at visit his website and catch a new blog post from him every Wednesday!

  31. David Deutsch – Our number nine entry is David Deutsch, author of ” Using B2B Social Media to Build Your Business ” and co-author of one of the most famous ever direct marketing campaigns for Dove Soap entitled “Campaign for Real Beauty”. He currently works as a freelancer and offers coaching along with his copywriting services; you can catch a new blog post from him every Wednesday!

  32. Gary Bencivenga – Our number ten entry is Gary Bencivenga, author of “Bullets”, one of the most famous direct marketing campaigns ever written and founder of Marketing Bullets. He has worked for companies such as LifeLock Inc., Longaberger Co., etc… You can find more information about him on his website.

  33. John Carlton – Our eleventh entry is the legendary John Carlton, who many consider to be the best copywriter in the world! He has worked on campaigns for major companies such as Reebok, Master Card, etc… You can catch a new blog post from him every Tuesday over at his website.

  34. Mark Ford – Our number twelve entry is Mark Ford, author of ” The Shadow Knows “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever published. Over the years, he has written for organizations such as AT&T, Cendant Corp., Forbes Magazine and many more!

  35. David Garfinkel – Our number thirteen entry is David Garfinkel, author of ” Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He has worked on campaigns for major companies such as Microsoft Corp., FedEx Corp., International Paper Company and many more! Catch his latest blog post on his site.

  36. Drayton Bird – Our fourteenth entry is Drayton Bird, author of ” The Productive Writer “, a best selling book on copywriting. He is the founder of one of the most famous direct marketing organizations in Europe called Fruitful Marketing Club. You can catch his latest blog post on his site.

  37. Zig Ziglar – Our fifteenth entry is Zig Ziglar, author and speaker! During his lifetime, he has given over 4000 speeches and sold millions of copies of his various books such as ” Secrets Of Closing The Sale “.

  38. John E. Kennedy – Our sixteenth entry is John E . Kennedy, author of ” Capitalize on Copywriting “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He has also worked for companies such as New York Life Insurance Company and many more…

  39. Joe Vitale – Our seventeenth number entry is Joe Vitale, author and internet marketing coach! His best selling book ” Hypnotic Writing “has been translated into eight languages. He has worked for companies such as Time Life Inc., Hewlett Packard, etc… Catch his latest blog post on his website.

  40. Steve Harrison – Our number eighteen entry is Steve Harrison, co-author of ” How To Write Powerful Ad Copy “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He has also worked for companies such as Ford Motor Company and many more…

  41. John Caples – Our twentieth entry is John Caples, co-author of ” Tested Advertising Methods “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He has worked with companies such as AT&T, General Electric and many more…

  42. Dave Del Dotto – Our number twenty-first entry is Dave Del Dotto, co-author of ” The Official Guide To Success “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He has worked with companies such as Microsoft Corp., Hewlett Packard, etc…

  43. Bob Bly – Our number twenty third entry is Robely, author of over 100 books on writing and business! He also writes a monthly column for ” Direct Magazine “. He has worked with companies such as AT&T and many more…

  44. Bob Stone – Our number twenty sixth entry is Bob Stone, author of ” Successful Direct Response Advertising “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He has worked with companies such as General Motors and many more…

  45. John Carlton – Our number twenty seventh entry is John Carlton, co-author of ” The Official Guide To Success “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He also runs a popular blog called ” Marketing Rebel “.

  46. Stan Rapp – Our number twenty eighth entry is Stan Rapp, author of ” How To Make Big Money Selling Your Own Products “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He has worked with companies such as AT&T and many more…

  47. Peter Skin – Our number thirty first entry is Peter Skin, author of ” The New Marketing Manifesto “, one of the most famous direct marketing books ever written! He also runs a popular blog under his name.

  48. John Smith – We have been impressed by his experience in writing business articles for different companies. For example, he wrote several articles on security issues or news from new technologies. In addition, he has more than 10 years of experience in writing, and that’s what makes him really professional and reliable.

  49. Alex Brown – He is known as a passionate man with amazing ideas, which he executes at the highest level. His articles focus mostly on emerging technologies and their impact on our everyday lives. He has also written some other articles related to other types of business topics, not only about IT.

  50. Stephen Williams – Stephen’s articles are diverse and cover many different fields of writing, such as: SEO articles, scientific articles or even articles on various popular culture issues. He is also keen on using references for his work, and that makes him a reliable professional not only as a writer but as a source of information as well.

    Conclusion: So, if you are looking for someone to help with your blog writing, website content, or even just proofreading and editing, this list of copywriters in America should give you some good ideas. Have any of these writers helped with your company’s marketing? Let us know! You can contact our team by completing the form for more information on how we can help get the word out about your product by using persuasive copywriting tactics that will resonate with your target market.

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